According to you, what are the best sites? Do you like those sports blogs, where you can read about sports people and their endeavors? Do you have a favorite sports person? How often do you read about and how much are you familiar with sports? I have come across an interesting blog recently, and the name of the blog is I admit, I do not know much about sports, but this looks like something I would visit from time to time, to inform myself a bit, find out more on what is going on in this world of balls and kicks.

I would also like to mention MrPornGeek, a site where you can read opinions on different topics, mostly related to pornography and adult games. However, a wide range of topics there might surprise you. It is where you can read most honest opinions on different matters, depicted using mostly positive tone. If you have never checked it out before, it is high time you did.

If you like reading stuff like World Soccer you will not be that lost when reading this blog, either. How updated do you like to be kept? Do you like to know all that you possibly can about football and other sports, or you just like to be informed a little bit, since it is common culture? How much are you familiar with well-known names and public figures in the world of sports?

On, you have news, opinions, features, podcast, blast furnace, predictions and non-football area. Do you like to predict what will happen, who will win? How often do you do that and have you ever earned anything by taking up predictions? Do you know someone who earned a lot of money doing this and what did they predict exactly?

Do you have a favourite team, or you just like watching football when there is nothing else on TV? Who do you think is the best player? What are the best sites with football players in your opinion? These are some things you can think about, and if you read the blog, you will be updated regularly. You can find out what these players have done, what they have achieved, how many goals, how many times the team you love have lost… These are all the things you can read here, and much more. How much you will like it depends on how much you are into it.

Personally, I think it is a good blog, for both those who are into sports and who just want to be kept updated a bit, to know at least something. I like the predictions part, this can be a lot of fun. I have never bid on anyone before, because I am never sure who is going to win. These things can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes it turns out to be quite surprising. Maybe those who read more on this matter are more lucky when it comes to bidding and winning money.

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