If you’ve ever tried betting on League 2 matches, you’re probably aware of a certain elephant in the room. If not, we’re alerting you to a proverbial large-trunked mammal in this hypothetical four-walled space.

The elephant is this—it can be very difficult to find League 2 tips and predictions.

As the fourth tier of English football, League 2 doesn’t score Premier League-level razzle-dazzle in the media. Figuring out which sides to take and what bets to play involves some detective work.

Still, League 2 is a highly competitive and popular tier of football. It also offers punters a big upside thanks to value bets. With that in mind, here are three ways to improve your League 2 bets.

Commit to the Basics

There are a few battle-tested rules every punter should follow regardless of experience. We’re talking sports betting basics like managing bankroll, developing a strategy (and sticking to it!), and not falling for baits.

There’s no need to get experimental, like the unusual signings that Scunthorpe have had in the past. If you’re new to League 2, then this isn’t the place to try out new betting strategies. Review the basics and build your game plan before placing your first bet. Doing so will reduce your risk along the way.

Study the Sides

A club’s recent history on the pitch is an important input into a betting decision at any level of football. This is especially true in a smaller division such as League 2 where punters may be less familiar with competing clubs.

Look at the league table, win-draw-loss record of the past five fixtures, and goal difference to evaluate each side of the bet. These metrics give you great comparative information about how clubs are faring.

You’re more likely to place the right bet when you know a side’s relative strengths and weaknesses.

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