On Friday, 27th September, a new edition of FIFA video game is released for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and doubt it’s going to be one of the best selling games this season. Millions of players will have a chance to pick one 700 teams and once again among them is Scunthorpe United FC While the best clubs in the game are represented with the utmost care, what happens with sides that are in lower leagues? That’s what we wanted to check first as we started FIFA 20.

The good news is that EA Sports still claims the license for League 2, meaning that all the clubs are fully licensed. All players are here in their original jerseys, and only the stadium is not authentic. FIFA has a range of generic stadiums, and in this game, Scunthorpe United FC plays at Court Lane which has a capacity of almost 20.000 people, which is about twice the size of Glanford Park. Well, fans it at least can dream this is what stadium would look like after upgrades needed for Premier League football.

Many fans of the club will play career mode where you can take any club and try to make it the best in Europe. Playing as Scunthorpe United FC means you’ll have a long way to go before you reach Premier League and maybe even one of the licensed Europeans cups.

Scunthorpe United FC vs. Barcelona? Only in FIFA 20! Career mode is also the best way to dissect what has EA done with the club. As you pick Scunthorpe United FC, you’ll be informed that the club worth is around 2,5 million pounds while the transfer budget is about 1,5 million pounds. Both numbers put the team among the best in the league.

It’s also interesting to see what the board expects from you. The only high priority is to fight for the title which was what most experts predicted for the team this season. All other priorities are low, except player development which is medium and won’t give you much trouble. As for the players, they are decently modeled, and it’s nice to see that there is 28 player on the roster, and each of them has a profile picture.

The squad is pretty compact, and the highest-rated player is Ryan Colclough, who is 67. That means that you have a team that you can freely rotate as during the season. If one of your first team players is injured, you’ll always have someone of almost the same level of quality. While in Adult Games you can relax and enjoy the action, playing as Scunthorpe will test your skills to the maximum. Our tip is to give more playing time to younger guys as they will develop quicker if they are on the field. Games Online as Scunthorpe might also be a challenge, as playing against top teams in the world will get you annihilated!

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