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    North Lincs Council.

    So….we have lockdown, people are stuck in their homes. Therefore, many will want to/would like to do a bit of gardening.
    And that’s better than going outside your property, sin’t it?

    North Lincs Council decision: Halt all garden refuse collections until further notice.

    Result: more people than necessary going to the recycling centres….

    Oh, and the decision was apparently made because they needed the crews elsewhere. Aye…right…they needed them so much that a “spare crew” emptied my pink bin last week, and I was taking it back in when the proper crew arrived, with no work to do…


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    Good point Alcy totally agree, luckily my lawn hasn’t grown that much due to the lack of rain but now it’s had a few showers on it I expect it to shoot up very soon. Put the last cuttings ( fortnight back ) around my borders as a mulch which worked out ok,no room for a compost heap before someone pipes up and my buddleias which I cut back near the end of March I stashed in a gap under my hedge. They have now shrunk down quite nicely, haven’t cut back my hawthorn hedge because I’ve no room in my brown bin to fit it all in. If they just emptied it once a month it would be a big help and I guess a lot of others will be feeling the same.


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    just put it in the green bin got rid of massive bush in mine, just cut it up into small pieces,i like to recycle but it takes two to tango.


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    a “spare crew” emptied my pink bin last week

    Is that a euphemism?

    Opposite up here.

    Garden waste collection as per usual but recycling centre closed.

    The result – more fly-tipping. Noticed a load of dumped stuff when I was out walking last week.

    Also noticed that the bottle banks are overflowing. And that’s just me and the wife!

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    Same here, bins collected as normal but recycling centres closed.

    It’s our time.


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    Tory council

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