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    Swann gone into hiding. Rodwell gone. No communication from our new CEO since that bumbling performance on Humberside. The Cygnet has seen since he called a fan a moron, it bit him on the arse and he disappeared with tail between his legs. No statement from the club regarding who is manager and who is assistant. What the bloody chuff is going on?
    We still have one or two decent players on the books but there’s no cover for injuries and suspensions and it sounds like more Could be on the way out before We sign another five kids. We desperately need Swann to grab the club by the bollocks and take control of this rudderless ship otherwise we are up shit creek without a paddle and we’ll be in non league before you know it.

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    I think the club could definitely be doing a bit more off the pitch in terms of trying to build bridges with the fans, promote the club in innovative ways and to make sure we have plenty of supporters when football does eventually restart.

    But equally I don’t think many fans realise just how serious the current situation could be for a club like ours. Demanding new signings is ridiculous. Moaning about having a manager who isn’t exciting enough for you is laughable.

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