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    This lockdown must be getting to me, I’m actually starting a thread! It’s just too good an anecdote not to share somewhere, especially for the ol’ Gimmer generation. And I think I may have found the Holy Grail .. a thread that unites everyone in solid agreement .. from BS and Alcy to Heath and IA. Let’s see …

    It came from my German pal from the Black Forest. Her old dad .. in his eighties .. was in a shop queue before the lockdown. In front of him was a trendy youngish woman with her boy of about 7 or 8. He was bored and so kept pushing the shopping trolley back and forward .. repeatedly into the legs of the elderly woman in front. At first she just gave ‘that’ look but eventually protested. She was ignored and the boy kept doing it. The whole shop was witnessing it and my friend’s dad, along with the rest, were getting agitated and restless. When he did it again the old lady turned, almost in tears, to the mother and said the boy was hurting her, that she had problems with her legs etc and asked the mother why she was’nt doing anything. The Mum replied, in a cold and superior manner that ‘ I am bringing my child up in an anti- authoritarian manner. I believe that is the best for him. That is my choice.’
    All was quiet.My friends Dad didn’t know who he wanted to smack first .. little brat or barmy Mum. But he didn’t need to. Step forward distinguished elderly gent. He took a large jar of runny honey from a shelf , opened the top and poured it all over the young mother. As she looked at him in horror he smiled and calmly said ( I’ll do it in a German accent 😀) ‘ I too vos brought up in ze anti- authoritarian vay.’
    Cue huge round of applause .. with some cheers .. as blushing Mum grabs child and heads for the door, with honey dripping from her head and shoulders.

    Now come on! Is there nobody on the Bru who thinks that is a hate crime??


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    Sounds fair enough to me.

    It’s our time.

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    Just wish I’d been stood next to the mother with a French bread stick. Can’t beat a bit of French bread and honey, particularly when the honey is free.

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    Add some Greek yogurt and you’ve got the plot of a porn film!


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    The elderly gentleman should have been prosecuted for assault charges, that’s the trouble with todays society, the young boy was not doing any halm.

    But I really was hoping for a better ebding, there was me thinking it was going the way of a good joke.

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