One of the best ways to spend your free time is playing different games. You can go out to the pitch and play sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Soccer is a popular game loved by many from different parts of the continent.  It is a simple game with rules that are easy to understand. Soccer or football is played as a professional and pastime sport. All you need is an open pitch and a team to enjoy the game. Having the right gear will guarantee you the best experience while playing the game. 

Some of them help protect you from injuries that come about when you fall or collide with your mates when playing. Your gear should be made up of a jersey, cleats and shoes, shorts, socks and shin guards. The shoes you put on determine the level of comfort you will get when playing soccer. Different reviews sites can help you get proper shoes for soccer. How about you go through vip soccer shoes reviews to get the best for a wonderful playing time. 

Running around in soccer shoes that are not of the desired quality might be difficult. You will be falling all the time because you don’t have the perfect grip. You need to understand the difference between soccer shoes and cleats. Regular soccer shoes have a flat sole compared to cleats which makes it easier for players to run around smoothly in several pitches. Cleats are shoes that have studs or spikes that provide the perfect grip on the pitch and also the much-needed balance. You should look for the best soccer cleats to have an enjoyable playing experience. Here is what to consider when buying one. 


Getting soccer cleats that fit you perfectly will guarantee you a smooth time running around and kicking the ball. You should always fit them before making your purchase to ensure they are of the right size. Make sure there is some extra space for expansion or to let your feet breath when playing.


It is another essential thing to look into when buying soccer shoes. A soccer shoe sole is made up of three sections which include the outsole, midsole, and heel. They should all be in a perfect state and have the right studs. How well your cleat sole has been fixed also matters. It determines the comfort and durability of your shoes when playing.


You also need to consider this essential factor. There are so many companies out there that deal with the production of soccer shoes or cleats. Not all of them produce what is considered to be of the desired quality. Take your time to establish which company produces the best soccer cleats. Going through different soccer shoes review will help you identify the best brands in the market.


A rise in the number of companies that deal with the production of soccer cleats has seen many counterfeit shoes flooding the market. These fake shoes are made from materials different from that which is used to create original ones. Cleats that are made out of leather are the best. Other types you will come across include knitted and synthetic boots. You can try out the Kelme kangaroo leather soccer cleats which are comfortable and of the desired quality. Going for a quality material helps to ensure that your shoes serve you for an extended period. 

Type of Cleat

The type of cleat or studs used in the soccer shoes you want to purchase also matter. Your playing surface or ground will determine the kind of cleats you get. There are those meant for a firm ground as they ensure you get the perfect grip and balance when playing. You will also find those designed for soft grounds. They do have long studs which get deeper into the ground to provide you with the traction you need. Those who play on artificial grounds or turfs should also look for the right type of cleat. Going for a different kind will make the turf wear out very fast. Soccer shoes designed for artificial turf have a special type of stud meant for that surface. 


The kind of feeling you want to experience when playing around with these boots is the other thing you should look into. If you are looking for speed and comfort, then you have to check the weight of your shoes. Lighter soccer shoes are the best if you are looking for speed and comfort. Putting all these into consideration will help you get the best cleats for quality playing experience. 

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